Santa flash mob

BIRMINGHAM city centre was brought to a standstill today/yesterday (MON) as dancers dressed in Santa morph suits flooded the city centre for a festive flash-mob. 

Christmas shoppers in Birmingham’s High Street couldn’t believe their eyes when hordes of street dancing Santas emerged, dressed head to toe in red lycra morph suits. 

They quickly drew a large crowd - confusing many passers by as they followed them down the street - and finished their spectacular display by forming a snowflake lying on the ground. 

The dancers are from EQHO, an award winning street dance group from Warwick University. 

Dorine Mwesiga, who choreographed the dance said: “The opportunity of street dancing in order to raise money for charity really appealed to us. The reaction of passers-by to our strange festive characters was phenomenal, they even started joining in.” 

Jim Holdsworth, 36, from Birmingham, said the dancing made his Christmas shopping more exciting. 

"It was an interesting moment when these people dressed in Lycra started dancing," he said. 

"I was a bit taken aback to be honest, but then they started dancing and it was quite fun to watch, certainly a distraction from a dull day shopping."

Katherine Wooley, 54, from Walsall, West Midlands, said she wasn't sure of the purpose of the stunt.

"All I saw was a load of people dressed in red dancing," she said. "To be honest it didn't really seem to raise awareness to their cause for me. But perhaps the video will when I see that."

The video, in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which will be released on YouTube on Monday December 12, is fronted by television and radio presenter Richard Bacon.

Catherine Allen from Ember Television, the production company behind the mob, said: 

“We want the film to foster a sense of creativity, festive vibrance and community spirit. 

"It’ll show that despite the riots over the summer and all the economic doom and gloom, Birmingham is a warm, charitable city, determined to enjoy Christmas. 

"Raising money for a charity through sponsorship of a viral video has so far proved a huge success. 

"The whole experience was amazing, the audience reaction was unbelievable. People started high fiving and hugging the dancers. 

"It only took thirty of us in total, with 25 dancers, in order to bring get everyone on the street watching. 

"We see great future potential in online video playing this role. With all profits going to Birmingham Children's Hospital."

So far the fund has raised over GBP2,000.