Salad Tower

SUN man Ian Murphy went to all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant Taybarns just outside Coventry to test out engineer Shen Hongrui's theory. 

And despite getting funny looks from staff and customers, no-one told out reporter to stop building the enormous feast of food. 

According to Mr Hongrui's article in the New Scientist magazine, the trick is not to grab your favourite items but to think about the base of tower carefully. 

Taking his time at the busy salad bar, our man picked a solid base of cucumber slices and shredded carrot - using tomato chunks to build a solid outer wall. 

Since Taybarns offer a wide range of cuisines, including salad, a carvery, various pizzas and a special spicy section, we decided to really take advantage of their GBP5.95 all-you-can-eat daytime offer and build the ultimate tower. 

Using the carrot as our cement, we then piled various toppings onto our mammoth bowl, including fish cakes, jacket potatoes, buttered bread, chicken, Yorkshire pudding and even some leftover Christmas turkey. 

Even when the tower was complete, a member of staff who paused at the table to collect an empty dish didn't bat an eyelid at the giant creation. 

Instead she joked and asked if our reporter would be able to eat it all in one mouth full. 

When approached by the Sun, the manager of the restaurant declined to give his name, but said that Mr Hongrui's theory would not affect Taybarns' all-you-can-eat offer. 

"It wouldn't change our company procedure," he said. 

"People aren't going to come in and build towers like that very often."