Dog swallows ball

A TEENAGER saved her dog's life after her pet swallowed a golf ball during a game of fetch. 

Clara Hall, 19, came to her dogs rescue on Sunday after choking on the ball and rushed her four-year-old tri-colour border collie - Cookie - down to vets. 

At the time of the incident Clara was at her grandparents in Rothersthorpe, Northants, with her mother Victoria, father John and 14 year-old brother Joseph. 

Talking about the drama she said: "Joseph was playing golf with my grandad in the garden and as usual Cookie was fetching the golf balls for him but one ball bounced and she jumped up to catch it and it went straight down her throat".

Cookie was rushed into the car and to the vets by the family, while Clara mum of five-month-old daughter Avalyn, sat in the back to keep the dogs airways open.

Clara who is trained in first-aid has had previous experience of saving others, after she saved a child from choking on a crayon while at nursery.

She added: "On the way to the vets she stopped breathing and her tongue went blue. Her eyes were rolling back and she went all floppy".

"I pushed the ball up from the outside of her throat to the bigger gap in her throat so she kept breathing.

"The journey took around 15 minutes and I didn't think she was going to make it and I was crying. It's a miracle she is still alive and we are so lucky and so relieved".

When Cookie arrived at - Spinney Lodge Veterinary Hospital in Northampton -she was given an anesthetic before being treated by vet Kate Smith, who was able to remove the ball from her throat.

Ms Smith said: "I was shocked that Cookie was still breathing when she arrived. I wasn't expecting her to still be alive after what had happened. It's not normally the case in a situation like this".

Talking about Clara's bravery she added: "I am very impressed with Clara and that she had the presence of mind to move the ball from the outside of her throat to make space in the airways for Cookie to breathe. She saved the dog's life.

"Pet owners should not give or play with balls that their dogs could potentially swallow. The consequences could have been so much worse in this case".

Cookie returned home Monday morning after a short overnight stay and Ms Smith following the incident said that Cookie would not suffer from any long term damage.