The internet has transformed the way news is being demanded and consumed, with a rapidly growing appetite for digital content. We help corporate clients to capture their business in the right way for them and for their target media.

Video Production

When it comes to news related PR, so many agencies get it wrong - News Team is different, they have an inspirational approach and provide us with the right material in every way.

Lynne Cullen / Picture Editor, The Independent

Corporate Services


Video is now an essential communication method for almost every business. With sites such as YouTube receiving 1 billion unique users per month, we help clients to make the most of this opportunity in a way that fits with their business.

Video content can now be produced at a cost to suit almost any budget and at the same time, deliver content that can entertain and create interest like no other communication platform.  

NTI are commissioned to create video content for the media and as such, we are able to offer this service to corporate clients at highly affordable rates.

In today‚Äôs media intensive and visually sophisticated world, a video of your business story, event or feature is one of the best and most effective ways to ensure your company is noticed. Our experienced operators and post-production teams produce material for all types of requirements from web video to broadcast. We also deliver video in digital form for multimedia distribution and web applications.