News Team are commissioned by the media to provide news and feature content every day. This provides us with the ideal position from which to assist our corporate clients to maximise their media coverage.


"Even though News Team are a national company and we are a local business, the service we received was unprecedented. We really feel like our business matters to them."

Mike Olley / Broad Street Bid

Corporate Services


News Team are commissioned daily by the national and regional press to supply written news and features.

At NTI, we understand the importance of every word that is written in the media about our corporate clients and the strategic and financial opportunity that the right coverage can deliver.

Our award-winning team of journalists and communicators provide an unrelenting client focus, passion for our client’s businesses, innovative and creative strategies and a commitment to measurable results.

Through a clear understanding of our clients business objectives, philosophy and tactical initiatives, we build a bespoke and flexible plan to deliver effective media coverage and tangible end-results.  This includes strategic counsel to ensure the correct balance and tone is achieved through to detailed plans to ensure that important details are covered and given focus.

Our deep media insights, strategic rigour, integrated expertise and unparalleled media relationships place your business in safe hands for all media related activity. 

Our range of services include:

  • Strategic media planning & consultancy
  • Media coverage
  • Product/Service launches
  • Press releases
  • Media distribution
  • Press monitoring service